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Lived Experience Workforce Training and Consulting


At Brook RED, we've been doing peer support for over fifteen years and we are always eager to share our learning with others so that we can all work together to build an increasingly  strong and effective peer workforce.


We know that every organisation is different but we also know peer work fits everywhere! For this reason we generally take a tailored and customised approach to working with other organisations around their needs.  Our areas of expertise are: 


  • Peer worker training - we can provide training across the peer work journey (including for those hoping to move into peer work, new peer workers, or more experienced peer workers);

  • Hosting lived experience workforce events and workshops - we love designing and running events that empower and develop the lived-experience workforce.  These events are peer designed and delivered using lived experience practitioners, mentors and leaders.


  • Providing coaching, mentoring, and external supervision for peer workers - we know this is vital in supporting outstanding and sustainable peer practice and our approach is values-based, reflective, and restorative;


  • Supporting organisations to employ peer workers - we approach this from a business/managerial perspective and also from a values/philosophy perspective;


If you would like to know more about our training and other services please feel free to call or email Donna Humphrey on (07) 3343 9282 or