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The Use of Self in Lived Experience Peer Work: Sharing Your Story

Participants will learn the “building blocks” of cultivating their story and sharing appropriately, as well as some tools to implement in their practice to assist with burnout, boundaries and self-care. The training has been developed by Brook RED and is continuously reviewed to ensure the content is contemporary and effective. 


What you will learn:

  • the benefits and importance of sharing stories in relationally-based work

  • which parts of your story to share and when – sharing with purpose and intent

  • the importance of boundaries and how to implement them effectively 


Who is this for?

Lived Experience (Peer) Workers, Carer Peer Workers, anyone who shares their stories with groups of people

2 days

Contemporary Lived Experience Practice 

This workshop is designed to inform Lived Experience (Peer) Workers about the history of the lived experience movement, research and evidence supporting the benefits of peer work, and contemporary peer work practices.  

What you will learn

  • Gain an understanding of the history of the peer movement and its importance

  • Obtain knowledge of contemporary peer work practices 



Who is this for?

Peer support workers looking to facilitate strong and effective peer support groups and activities. 

Use of Self - Managing Wellbeing in Lived Experience (Peer) Work

This workshop will support Lived Experience workers to explore wellbeing and self-care as it relates to peer work.  Participants will discuss boundaries


-           What is self-care?

-           Types of self-care – what holds you vs. what invigorates you

-           Managing triggers in a work environment 

-           Working within a team 

-           Professional Boundaries – wobbling at work and knowing our role

-           Boundaries and communication

What you will learn

  • Learn the importance of managing wellbeing in a professional context 

  • Understand the importance of professional boundaries and working within your role


Who is this for?

Anyone who is or is interested in or currently working in a peer or lived experience-identified role or managing a lived experience team and would like to explore lived experience practice and gain a deeper knowledge and skills set.

Managing a Lived Experience Workforce
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