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our policies

Our Policies

1. Policies that guide our work with people:

1.01 Complaints Policy

Complaints Process Flow Chart

1.02 Privacy and Confidentiality Policy

1.03 Anti-Discrimination Policy 

1.04 Recovery Oriented Practice Statement

1.05 Person Centred Practice Policy

1.06 Decision Making and Service Consent Policy

1.07 Community Member and NDIS Participant Engagement Policy

1.08 Advocacy Policy

1.09 Diversity and Inclusion Policy

1.10 Rainbow RED Policy

1.11 Nominated Support Person (NSP) Policy

2. Policies that guide our day to day operations:

2.01 Vehicle Use Policy

2.02 Communications Policy and Style Guidelines 

2.03 Personal Use of Communications Technology Policy

2.04 Information Security Policy

2.05 Promotional and Marketing Material Consent Policy 

2.06 Document Control Guidelines

2.07 Research Participation Policy

2.08 Waste Management Policy 

3. Policies that guide employment with Brook RED:

3.01 Code of Conduct

3.02 Employee Boundaries Policy 

3.03 Employee Health and Wellbeing Policy

3.04 Human Resources Policy

3.05 Employee Leave Policy

3.06 Rostering Policy

4. Policies about safety, risk management and quality:

4.01 Work Health and Safety (WH&S) Policy

COVID-19 Response

4.02 Risk Management Policy 

4.03 Responding to Incidents Policy

Incidents Process Flow Chart

4.04 Suicide and Self-Harm Response Policy 

4.05 Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) Policy 

4.06 Business Insurance Policy

4.07 Whistle Blower Policy

4.08 Emergency and Disaster Management Policy

5. Policies about our centre based programs:

5.01 Program Eligibility, Entry and Exit Policy 

5.02 RED House Eligibility, Entry and Exit Policy

5.03 Community Member File and Information Guidelines

5.04 Continuity of Support Policy 

5.05 Least Restrictive Practice Policy 

5.06 Students Policy

5.07 Volunteers Policy 

5.08 Pets at Sites Policy

5.09 Children at Sites Policy

6. Policies about our NDIS supports:

6.02 NDIS Code of Conduct Policy

6.03 Preventing and Responding to Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation Policy 

6.04 NDIS Eligibility, Entry and Exit Policy

NDIS Participant Welcome & Induction Kit

6.05 Conflict of Interest Policy 

6.06 Referrals Policy 

6.07 Service Agreement Policy 

6.08 NDIS Support Cancellations and Rescheduling Policy

6.09 Support Provision Policy 

6.10 Records and Internal Audit Policy 

6.11 NDIS Support Pricing Policy 

6.13 Positive Behaviour Support Policy 

6.14 NDIS Restrictive Practice Policy

6.15 Working With Support Networks Policy

6.17 Support Coordination Policy 

6.18 Child Safe Policy

6.19 High Intensity Supports Policy

7. Policies that guide our governance:

7.01 Governance Manual

Vision, Mission and Values

Risk Tolerance Statement

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