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Counselling : from a lived experience perspective

Brook RED Counselling is a space for individuals over the age of 18+.

People access counselling for many reasons including concerns related to anxiety, stress and depression, grief and loss, relationship concerns, identity, self-esteem, life transitions, trauma, mental health, sexual health, and addiction.

The objective of individual counselling is to work collaboratively with the counsellor to understand, make meaning and explore the impacts of our internal and external problems and how they are influencing our current world.

Brook RED counsellors work collaboratively with clients to explore together what needs to change for problems to be less influential in one’s life, which allows clients to bring their own knowledge and skills to the counselling process alongside the counsellor’s knowledge.

Brook RED counsellors use skills from trauma informed practices, use their own expertise and lived experience to guide and offer perspectives to presenting problems and challenges ideas to support recovery.

Brook RED counsellors are transparent about the counselling process and aim to provide a space of hope for individuals wanting to create change in their life.


50-minute sessions


Enquiries: email 

Cost: sliding scale, including GST



About the Brook RED Counsellor



Emma Faulkner

BSocSc(Psych), PGradDipSexology, Masters of Counselling

Brook RED Counsellor and Supervisor – lived experience perspective


Hello, my name is Emma and I have keen interest in understanding how the narratives we have created about ourselves to understand our world can create problems and hinder the belief that things can change. I am interested in unpacking these narratives to create new meanings and find solutions to problems that impact our world from living the life we want to live.


I have been working in the Brook RED Highgate Hill community mental health centre for over 6 years as a peer worker, running groups and connecting with individuals and communities around mental health and recovery. During this time, I have also been practicing as the Senior Peer Worker which has allowed me to create change within community, and influence a work force of peer workers who are passionate about creating change, embracing conversations about recovery and using their lived experience to guide principals of practice.


Alongside my work, I have studied a Bachelor in Behavioural Science Psychology (QUT), Graduate Diploma in Sexology (Curtin) and a Masters in Counselling (QUT). In my own lived experience, I have learnt that I am the person responsible in creating change in my life and a supportive system and perspective has been helpful to guide me.


I use my own experience, passion and professional skills with the people I work with. I am counsellor who wants to listen with empathy, inspire with hope, and challenge with perspective. In my work, I am genuinely interested in hearing people’s stories to find solutions. I am humorous, passionate and kind in my work

$25   Low Fee

People who experience several barriers to daily living cost or quality for payment support eg., Centrelink.

$40   Middle Low Fee

People with inconsistent income or low income and experience some barriers to daily living cost.

$65   Middle Fee

People who may have consistent income and occasionally experience barriers such as debt, high living cost or responsibilities.

$100   Full Fee

People with consistent income and manages daily living cost and basic needs without many barriers.

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