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Supporting people in suicidal distress

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Alternatives to Suicide : alt2su

Alt2Su is a peer-delivered suicide prevention service for people who have experience suicidal distress or crisis.

Alt2Su is focussed on supporting connection and belonging for people.  Alt2Su support are tailored to individual needs and can include support with linking and connection to primary healthcare and community supports. If you would like to complete a referral please visit the website and either complete the online form or download a copy and email to 

Alternatives to Suicide : alt2su Groups  

The Alternatives to Suicide approach was developed in 2008 by the Western Massachusetts Recovery Learning Community (now called The Wildflower Alliance).  "Alt2Su" is about openly exploring the meaning behind thoughts of suicide and feelings of distress, as well as what might be worth living for.

The Alternatives to Suicide Charter, created by the Wildflower Alliance, lays out the principles and guidelines of running Alternatives to Suicide support groups.

Brook RED's alt2su group is a peer led, non-clinical and confidential space where people can talk about, sit with and make sense of suicidal experiences, thoughts and distress. Together we find strength in collective wisdom and making space for the sharing of experiences.

Groups are held from 6:30 to 8:00pm every Wednesday at Fleurs St Social Exchange, 21 Clifton Street Moorooka.  

For any further information check out our insta page  @alt2su.bne 


Crisis Support Space 
Princess Alexandra Hospital

The Crisis Support Space (CSS) is a collaborative program between Metro South Addiction and Mental Health Service and Brook RED, run out of the PA Hospital at Woolloongabba. 

CSS is for individuals 18 years and over who do not require medical treatment but who may have otherwise presented to the Emergency Department when they are experiencing suicidal or psychological distress.  The service is for anyone in the PA Hospital catchment area, including people who are experiencing suicidal ideation or having thoughts of self-harm, people with or without a pre-existing mental health diagnosis, people who are feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope, experiencing trauma, grief or other economic, social, and personal crisis.

Support in the Crisis Support Space is tailored to the individual.  Supports may include: 

  • sensory tools and other tools/worksheets to use within the space or to take home to promote self-regulation

  • providing a calming atmosphere, allowing a safer space to connect and explore distress

  • formal or informal future-focused strategy building to maintain safety and wellbeing

  • referrals to services as appropriate, to support the individual and their specific circumstances

  • wellbeing planning

  • offering hospitality - snacks, beverages, friendly conversation to ease into the space

CSS is open Monday - Friday 12pm - 9pm, and Saturday - Sunday 11am - 9pm to support people in distress. The service accepts referrals from the Emergency Department, Continuing Care Teams, Mental Health Inpatient Units, as well as direct community access after initial referral from any of the teams listed.

For further information please contact our team on (07) 3343 9282 or via email at

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