About Voices for Change


Voices for Change (VfC) is a Brisbane-based not-for-profit community program that trains, mentors, and supports people to articulate their personal experience of mental health recovery in a public setting.  Presenters speak about their experiences to a variety of different audiences, such as workplaces, schools, universities, and general community members with the aims of increasing awareness, addressing stigma, and enhancing understanding of mental health and wellbeing.


Presenters are encouraged to explore and contextualise their personal experiences via training and peer support opportunities.  As such, the program also focuses on the personal and professional growth of the individual in the program.  Our vision is for inclusive communities in which open dialogue of mental health and wellbeing is both encouraged and supported.


Contact Voices for Change:


See our website at VoicesforChange.org.au


Find us at Brook RED - 88 Norton St, Upper Mount Gravatt, Qld Australia 4122


Email us at info@voicesforchange.org.au


Call us on (07) 3343 9282