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dialogue : masterclass webinars 
lived experience leadership

Brook RED are delighted to bring you another series of lived experience leadership webinars kindly sponsored by Brisbane North PHN.  This event is peer driven, peer designed & peer delivered.

Each month we will be hosting a 90 minute webinar that will bring you Lived Experience Leaders presenting on a topic they are passionate about and keen to share their knowledge with you.  
At the end of each presentation there will be some time to post questions and interact.
Registration for each webinar opens two weeks prior to the live event.  Click here to subscribe for updates on the next webinar

the power of peers for young people: peer support work in youth mental health

Nic Juniper : Orygen

In our August 2021 webinar, Nic will be discussing Youth Peer Work in practice at Orygen Specialist Program, and their learnings as a Peer Support Work Specialist.  As a young person living with mental health issues , they reflect on their experience going from a consumer of the service, to a volunteer, to an employed member of the team, and how they have seen Peer Work grow over this time.

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Belong : peer led LGBTQIAP+ support and training

Blake Barber & Scarlett Squire : Brook RED

In our July webinar we will discuss health outcomes for LGBTQIAP+ people, language inclusivity, bust some myths about the LGBTQIAP+ community and protective factors that support wellbeing.

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Putting the super-duper into lived experience supervision

Gareth Edwards

In our June webinar, Gareth discusses what Lived Experience is and why it needs it's own kind of supervision, and how to understand the range of your work-support needs and get them met.  We will also consider an example of a LE supervision model and it's application.  

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Lived experience counselling - private peer support practice


Our May webinar will highlight Sonny Jane's journey of choosing this particular path while drawing upon their own lived experience and experience in peer support and the lived experience workforce. 

Sonny Jane is autistic, agender and disabled and has lived experience of neurodivergence, mental illness and trauma.  They are passionate about advocating against the stigma of mental health professionals living with a diagnosis.

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crisis - frightful foe or beautiful bestie?

Hannah Komatsu


​Hannah Komatsu has been wondering if we’ve all be giving Crisis a bit of a hard time!  Her own experience originally told the story of Crisis as a dangerous life destroying enemy that held no positive intention for her being.  But over time, Hannah started asking, what if that isn’t the full story? What if Crisis is actually more like that that blunt truth telling friend, that has the guts to tell us the bad news, and works to communicate and highlight the things that need attending to in our lives in order for us to be all who we can be? ​

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the vital role of people who use drugs in the Australian AOD workforce

Niki Parry


Kicking off our masterclass for 2021, we feature Niki Parry who will Niki explore the Australian drug user movement, harm reduction, and the characteristics of the AOD peer workforce.  Niki Parry is currently employed by QuIHN (the QLD Injectors Health Network) where she has worked for nearly 10 years. QuIHN is a harm reduction focused AOD service, supporting people who use drugs across QLD. Niki is also a director of QuIVAA- QLD’s drug user organisation- operated by and for people who use drugs.

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te pou peer competencies - are we there yet?

Caro Swanson

Our final masterclass for 2020 features Caro Swanson, discussing the Te Pou Peer Competencies Consumer, peer support and lived experience workforce development has been part of Aotearoa’s mental health and addiction policy for more than twenty years. In 2014 after thorough consultation the New Zealand mental health and addiction, service user, peer and consumer competencies were developed.

They did succeed in many ways but also shone a light on what else we need to do to grow our workforce and services so that they respond to people more effectively when they need them. We are currently looking at a refresh now to align with our newly developed Consumer, peer support and lived experience workforce development strategy 2020-2025 and catch up with change. We aren’t there yet but were getting closer.


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supervising peer support workers - how do you do it well for all (the Peer Workers, you as the supervisor and your workplace)?

Robyn Priest


In this webinar Robyn explores how to create professionalism in peer workers utilizing great supervision practices. It explores how you as a supervisor ensure that Peer Workers are supported to, and stay true to peer support values in any workplace.

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lived experience leadership

Ellie Hodges

Our September 2020 webinar features Ellie speaking about Lived Experience Leadership, inviting those present into a space of reflection regarding the dilemmas we face, the skills and qualities that we embody and how we stay strong in using our lived experience for change. 


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pausing at the living EDge

Eschleigh Balzamo and Nick Moreau

In our August 2020 webinar, Nick and Eschleigh will be sharing details about Brook RED’s PAUSE and The Living EDge services - two very cool peer designed, managed, and delivered services for people experiencing suicidal distress in South Brisbane. They will overview each service, share some findings from the research components of each project, and candidly share the challenges and learnings they have had along the way.

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human reality in the context of power threat and meaning

Matt Ball

Matt spoke with us in July 2020, with two valuable lessons :

  • providing a brief overview of the Power Threat Meaning Framework as an alternative to diagnosis and pathologizing

  • introducing a new conceptual framework for being in connection with a person in distress with ‘psychosis’ - Dissociachotic ​

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the role of values in our lived experience

amanda waegeli

Values are universal, we all have them. Our lived experiences help to shape our values which guide us in the direction of a meaningful life. Often hidden, they play a major part in our behaviour and actions and often only come to light when there is a values clash, especially in decision making. Lived Experience work is explicitly a value driven approach that requires us to work with, uphold, and advocate.  In this masterclass Amanda will pose the questions why do my values matter?  What is the role of values in lived experience practice? How do we do Values Based Practice?

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